Mazatlan Mexico - Day 3

Our guide Miguel loads up the Font Diner safari wagon and
we proceed to the depths of inner Mazatlan. Here is an excerpt
from our conversation . . .

Miguel - "Donde?"

FD -"Show us your country's finest typography!"

Miguel - "Que?"

FD -"Umm, Donde al muy bueno typographie de Mexico!"

Miguel - "Que?"

FD -"Taco Diner!?!"

Miguel - "Si!"

We soon arrive at our fist spot in Mexico!

The Rocket Diner!

The shape was odd, but the food was even odder . . .

Anyone for the all you can eat cottage cheese and ramen noodles?

After a hearty plate of local food, and several hours of hot sun, it became
obvoius that it was time to siesta for the day . . .