Get Ready for Somethin' Swanky! (5.14.12)

Atomic Age science meets ultra cool with this swingin' retro latin sharp serif font we call Fontdinerdotcom Swanky! Like the older much hipper brother of it's Loungy counterpart, Swanky brings his bolder style and charming good looks when it's time to really let the neighbors know you mean business! Head on over to the Vend-O-Matic and grab yourself Fontdinerdotcom Swanky today!

It's Cool! It's Tasty! It's Neapolitan! (3.14.12)

Font Diner is pleased to introduce it's newest boutique novelty font foundry called Neapolitan! Neapolitan fonts are always a delight, created with the choicest purest of aesthetic flavors and made to exacting high standards of quality by our talented artisans!

Each letter is hand selected with care and blended with old-fashioned flavors for a tantalizing rich one-of-a-kind flavor. One taste tells why our smooth, creamy typefaces make a tasty flavor treat! Show off your good taste! Ask for us by name - Neapolitan!

NEW Filmotype Fonts Have Arrived! (2.26.12)

We continue to be hard at work reviving even more great new fonts from the amazing Filmotype font library and we're pleased to announce the release of FOUR amazing new typefaces you're sure to love! From dazzling sho card style brush scripts to bold and wide serif typefaces kissed with the charm of late 1940s Art Deco. Take a look HERE!

On The Last Day of Christmas (1.2.12)

. . . My true love gave to me Apple's 12 Days of Christmas App featuring our very own Chowderhead and Chicken Basket fonts prominently throughout! A real treat for all our Europeon and Canadian friends for sure and a big hit the whole world round! Find out more HERE!

Ho Ho Holy Moly! We're Hangin' With Santa! (12.24.11)

This year as NORAD tracks Santa Claus through his Christmas night flight with you and millions of others watching and waiting gleefully online, get ready for one extra present for your eyes . . . NORAD's Santa Tracker website uses a custom font built just for them and our friends at Google called Unkempt Bold throughout their site and we're delighted to be along for the ride! Check it out here!

Font Diner Mugs Are BACK! (11.8.11)

As Fall turns to Winter and the first flakes of snow start to fly, there's nothing better than wrapping your fingers around a warmed mug of hot chocolate! And, there is no better mug to enjoy your favorite hot beverage than our very own Official Font Diner Mug! Originally offered WAY back in 2002 and sold out in a few months, we decided to bring 'em back this year for your delight! Get yours today before they're gone!

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