Steve Jobs and the Font Diner! (10.5.11)

Way back in February of 2002, we were feeling very thankful to Mr. Jobs and Apple for giving us the tools to create the fonts and website you've come to know and love so we sent him an e-mail late one evening expressing our appreciation. Ultimately, we never heard back so we figured it likely never got to him...

Fast forward to December of 2010, we were contacted by the fine folks at Apple who had attached a copy of the original e-mail from 2002 in their e-mail to us. We were surprised but delighted to see it and wondered how they came to discover our fan letter from so long ago. As it turns out, it was actually received by Steve who read it and forwarded it along 13 minutes later as evidence by the e-mail header.

While we'd always wanted to meet him in person, knowing that we had 13 minutes of Steve Jobs attention and got to express our thanks to him personally meant a lot to us, and to find out 8 years had elapsed between made this a truly mind-blowing discovery for us.

Hanging at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum! (8.15.11)

Living in Wisconsin, we've got a lot of perks including the freshest beer, ice cream and cheese, great sports teams, wonderful people and a long history of talented craftsmen. Nowhere is this better celebrated than at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (also the birthplace of the ice cream sundae).

The museum was featured in the documentary film Typeface by Kartemquin Films (definitely inspiring and compelling) and we made plans to visit the museum. We were treated to a special tour by the Museum Director Jim Moran and got a hands-on look at the tools still in use today to create woood type alphabets, enjoy a letterpress printing demonstration and discovered the legacy this company has left on the type and lettering and industrial furniture industries. We're lucky this amazing museum is located just hours from us in Wisconsin, but you've gotta see it for yourself! !

Watch it Grow! (5.18.11)

Spring is in full bloom which can only mean one thing . . . Watching things grow! And there's nothing more exciting than to see how quickly the Filmotype library continues to expand and grow! We've nearly doubled the library in recent months featuring classic Filmotype script faces such as Ray Baker's Harmony Family to the sans-serif stylings of Filmotype Ford, Escort, Giant and Gay to the delightful Nemo, Atlas and Prima! View the entire Filmotype Collection here!

Filmotype Now At Veer! (2.3.11)

There's nothing more exciting that for us to see the returning popularity of the amazing Filmotype Library and we couldn't be more pleased that the talented designers at Veer have prepared an amazing presentation featuring these timeless classic fonts in use. Check it out here!

Hanging with the LA Gang! (12.5.10)

After an amazingly busy and successful year at the Font Diner, we decided to head West and chill with some of our favorite LA Peeps and take in the sights! From a classic Hollywood Wax Museum to Griffith Observatory, the LaBrea Tar Pits, Umami Burger, Clifton's Cafeteria, a visit to our favorite charity 826LA, cocktails at The Dresden Room, Canter's Deli, a Warner Bros studio tour and the Charles Phoenix Holiday Slide Show, we did it all!

As our journey reached its end, we enjoyed a brunch before heading out of town with Laura Smith, Charles Phoenix, Michael Doret and Dave "Squid" Cohen at the Cafe 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood!

Creative Character! (8.28.10)

When we launched the Font Diner in 1996, we had no idea what our future may hold. Hundreds of fonts later, we're thrilled to be able to continue to bring you great new fonts and folks want to learn more about us! The fine folks at MyFonts invited our founder and line cook Stuart Sandler to be interviewed in their monthly Creative Characters newsletter - Not to be confused with our very first interview from 1998.

Needless to say, we couldn't be more pleased with the resulting interview which we understand is the longest Creative Characters interview ever published my MyFonts, so put some Dean Martin on the Hi-Fi, grab a hot coffee, and spend some quality time learning all about us!

Now With Even More Ways to Connect! (8.14.10)

Can't wait for the next Font Diner e-mail update to arrive in your inbox? Well, join us at Facebook and Twitter and get your Font Diner fix faster! We'd love you to 'Like' us and have lots to Tweet about! Stop by and say Howdy!

GO WILDCATS GO!!! (7.15.10)

For the first time since I was a little slugger, I was able to again enjoy the warm glow that is little league baseball! The Font Diner was pleased this year to support our local little league and sponsor our very own rookie little league baseball team, the Wildcats! With an impressive run that took us all the way up to the championship game, a nailbiter for sure, we were pleased to be this years runner-up! Great job to all the kids and coaches!

Collaborations Galore! (6.1.10)

One of the most satisfying things about being a font designer is teaming up with other talented folks to create great new fonts for you to enjoy! We've been busier than ever and we'd love to share with you our font making bounty!

Crystal Kluge of the Tart Workshop and I have recently completed the smashing new Barocca Mongrams font, perfect for your personal stationary! Our friend Patrick has just finished up the latest addition to the Filmotype font library called Filmotype Quiet, a handsome thick stencil-cut sans-serif. If that weren't all, our pal Squid has been a maniac lately with a load of new collaborative releases from our boutique Sideshow font foundry! All of 'em are worth a look!

Re-Introducing Lettering, Inc! (3.23.10)

In 1939, a fellow by the name of Edwin Krauter who was a master lettering artist, founded Lettering, Inc with several other prominent lettering artists of the time. At its height in the late 1960s, Lettering, Inc. had as many as 14 franchises operating in the US and Canada and was continually producing new alphabet designs. As technology caught up and eventually replaced photo-set lettering, the amazing alphabets of Lettering, Inc eventually fell out of the mainstream and were otherwise no longer available to designers.

Through research on our book about Filmotype, we were pleased to learn Lettering, Inc was indeed still around although now no longer making fonts was open to the idea of us digitizing this amazing library! We couldn't be more pleased and honored to have the exclusive rights to revive this amazing library of work and will also chronicle its history throughout the process! Stay tuned for updates as we dig in!

Honey & Scritchy (2.24.10)

Nope, it's not the newest television buddy-cop drama, it's two brand new font releases from our own Filmotype and Sideshow font foundries! Filmotype Honey was released by Filmotype in the mid-1950s as part of its handlettered script styles and it gained wildly popular use with many corporations throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Skritchy is a brand new creation from our friend Squid and it it's a super-playful ballpoint pen sketched serif, the kind you'd see on wacky boardgame currency! Both you're sure to enjoy!

Meet Meno! (9.22.09)

Since our Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly font first met Ted in 2001, we've been big fans of Tony DiTerlizzi! After finally meeting Tony in person at Comic-Con in San Diego, we were thrilled he enjoyed our fonts enough to bring them into his new book series called Meno! Not only are these books fun and colorful, but they feature many fonts from our County Fair Picnic Font Set including Square Meal Hearty and Secret Recipe!

Destination Super! (8.10.09)

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see our fonts in use and we get an even bigger thrill to see them enter popular culture to have a life all their own. Our friends at Super 8 were looking for a new sign that represented value and nothing says value better than our very own Lamplighter Script! Part of the Casino Buffet Font Set, this famous face is now beaming proudly along interstates across the USA at more than 2,100 Super 8s!

Back to School! Let's Give 'em a Hand! (8.4.09)

As we were enjoying the last rites of summer getting our lil' diners ready for their return to readin' writin' rythmatic' and all that other good brain food, we found out there were other kiddos in our community who couldn't afford basic required school supplies and we decided to give 'em a hand! If the urge strikes you, drop an e-mail to your local public school principal and find out if they could use some supplies! And don't worry, they can't find your old report cards . . .

Filmotype by the Letter! (7.24.09)

After nearly six years of exhaustive research and countless revisions, we've completed our book about the history of Filmotype. It's called Filmotype: By the Letter - An Illustrated History and at over 130 pages, this book will be sure to become a cherished keepsake in your design bookshelf.

In addition, the first 100 copies of the book will be released in a signed and numbered edition with signatures from one of Filmotype's original founders, Beatrice Friedman, Filmotype's first Sales Manager Morton Friedman, Don Hase, Filmotype's first employee, and Stuart Sandler, the owner of the Font Diner who is returning the original Filmotype faces and history to the hungry masses! Get your copy here!

Flappin' Our Gums! (7.18.09)

For those of you lucky enough to have joined us at Typecon in Atlanta, you were fortunate enough to behold the spectacle known as Stuart Sandler, Conference Speaker! Actually, we were absolutely thrilled and delighted with the kind words we received from so many font lovers in attendance who enjoyed our presentation about the history of Filmotype and were overwhelmed to have inspired so many! Filmotype is a very important piece of design history that must never be forgotten and we're proud to be the sterwards of this effort! What to learn more about Filmotype? Buy the book!

Time for a Taste! (6.7.09)

Summer is right around the corner and there's no better way to mark the beginning of the season than with some great eats! Eau Claire, Wisconsin is where the Font Diner calls home and this year we were pleased to contribute our talents to this years Taste of Eau Claire event hosted by the United Way of Greater Eau Claire. From posters to signs to tees to advertisements and everything in between, we were thrilled to help make the event a huge success!

Say Pal, It's PayPal! (2.10.09)

You asked for it and we got it! That's right, the Font Diner now accepts PayPal and we're pleased as punch to offer you an easy and safe way to purchase our fine fonts and products online with your PayPal account using our very own Rocket Shipping delivery system for fast and easy downloads at the end of your purchase! Got some spare money sitting in the old PayPal account? Give it a whirl!

After Halloween, Now What? (2.10.09)

Sure it's been a while since Halloween, but we were blown out of our socks to discover perhaps one of the funniest and innovative uses for our very own Chicken Basket font. The fine folks from Steamcrow created a fine book called After Halloween - An Alphabet Book which takes an hilarious look at what monsters do in the off-spooking season. It's lavishly illustrated and shows a perfect marriage between images and letters. Check it out!

Feeling Unwell? (2.10.09)

Those krazy kats over at Big Fish Games have us hooked with their latest kooky game called Unwell Mel. Not only is this game fun, but it's loaded with our very own Fontdinerdotcom Loungy font! Be sure to check out the Scan-O-Matic to help poor Mel and be sure to check out the Vend-O-Matic to help yourself to this tasty font!

Get Your Change Handy, It's Turnpike! (11.26.08)

For years we've been getting requests for some nice clean fonts to compliment our popular retro scripts and we're pleased to bring you Turnpike! This extra wide 1960s style modern gothic font was inspired by classic dashboard lettering and makes a perfect compliment to any smart design! We know you're gonna love it so put your blinker on and head to the Vend-O-Matic for Turnpike!

Bolt Out To See It! (11.26.08)

After Thanksgiving dinner, we found ourselves craving that annual tradition, leftovers and the late show! We headed out with the kiddos to take in a family frendly animated 3-D flick about a lost animal hero trying to find his way back to his owner using only United States of America placemat, and we're pleased to point out it had a mighty familiar looking font on it.

Six! Ah Ah Ah! (10.24.08)

One very typical morning when we were flipping through stations on the television, we stopped in to our old neghborhood Sesame Street to visit some familiar friends. No sooner had we arrived we were greeted by our friend Count Von Count getting ready to sit down and enjoy his favorite TV show Six Feet Under.

Imagine our surprise to see our very own Fontdinerdotcom font shown in the title card prop staring back at us! For us this was the thrill of a lifetime knowing that the show that helped shape our view of the world and taught us ABCs and 123s now inspired millions of other children with the letters we created. Take a look for yourself!

Toucan Do It! (8.10.08)

Illustrator Jerry Tanner sent us a superfun new childrens book he created called You Can Do What A Toucan Can Do Too! And while we're always pleased to see our fonts on any book cover, Jerry took it to the next level and lavishly incorporated our own Fontdinerdotcom and Fontdinerdotcom Huggable fonts into the book! We're pleased to be able to be a part of this self-esteem building book for young readers! Check it out!

Scrappin' Tips! (7.4.08)

The fine folks at Creating Keepsakes Magazine wanted to let their readers know that the perfect compliment to a "Road Trip" themed scrapbook layout was our genuine retro fonts! Click Here to read what they wrote.

Step Right Up!! (5.5.08)

We're often asked what we're busy working on when we're not making Font Diner fonts and you'll be surprised to learn that actually we're busy making other people's fonts! A few years ago, we found that there were many talented lettering artists who could draw beautiful letters but didn't have the time or knowledge to learn how to turn them into fonts!

There was such an amazing variety of styles and folks that we decided to start Sideshow, an offshoot boutique type foundry dedicated to releasing new exclusive display typefaces and collaborative type designs with talented lettering artists the world over. We are busy adding new fonts every month we're sure you'll love! Check 'em out here!

The Mouse, The Motorcycle, and the Font! (5.5.08)

There is nothing more transcending than to see an image of popular culture from our youth become a new image in the minds of our children and while it would be enough for them to enjoy the same image, it becomes transcending when our work becomes integrated into it and we become a part to that image!

Beverly Cleary's world-famous Ralph S. Mouse book series was among our first real chapter book as a kiddo and they have been updated and redesigned for todays young readers but now feature our very own Stovetop font as the title of this amazing collection! We couldn't be more humbled or honored to be a part of Ms. Cleary's work and if you haven't read any of these books, now is a great time to start!

Now Open! Type That Is! (5.1.08)

As operating systems and design applications continue to be updated, the need for rock solid fonts that support these updated systems go hand-in-hand. Finally after years of requests, the Font Diner is happy to heed that call and has updated our entire font library to include the OpenType font format!

When you purchase any font or font set from us, you'll receive the platform specific versions of the fonts in Postscript, TrueType and OpenType format! And in case you're wondering, while we've updated the technical aspects of the fonts, no new features have been added to them.

Meet Alice at the Zanzibar! (3.14.08)

We're pleased to announce the re-release of two breathtaking scripts from the Filmotype Font Library. These hidden gems from the early 1950s have been meticulously redrawn from the original font filmstrips and have been expanded to include a full international character compliment, automatic fractionals, ordinals, and a host of alternate characters in dynamic OpenType format.

Filmotype Alice marks the beginnings of the casual handwritten script aesthetic. Introduced by Filmotype in the late 1950s, it perfectly captures the mid-century playfulness of hand lettering while providing comfortable readability.

Strikingly poised and almost as exotic as it sounds, Filmotype Zanzibar is among Filmotype's most amazing and beautiful formal scripts released. You can purchase, preview and discover more about these faces online exclusivly at Font Bros!

Water You Thinking About? (2.16.08)

The fine folks at the Southern Nevada Water Authority want you to br Water Smart! And to spread the world, they enlisted the amazing talents of the primier illustrator extroidonaire Laura Smith to create a series of mindful water convservation posters.

Not only are these posters chock full of amazing illustration work but they prominently feature our very own Motel King typeface from the County Fair Picnic Font Set. We couldn't be more pleased to in our own little way participate in this eco-friendly message! Check out the posters HERE!

Growing to Serve You Better! (1.12.08)

The Font Diner is pleased to announce our newest face Jenna Marie Sandler who downloaded in a record time of 30 minutes on January, 12th 2008 at a petite 6lbs. 6oz. We're very excited to bring her into the Font Diner family and look forward to sharing her news with our diners!

Dig it! It's Jazz Man! (11.28.07)

Whether you prefer the ultra cool trumpet of Miles Davis or the smooth rhythms of Donald Fagan tickling the ivories, there is all kinds of amazing jazz to sink your teeth into! And what better way to celebrate it than with the latest in our signature font series, Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Light and Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Dark! Both unmistakably our own inspired by our own Fontdinerdotcom Loungy font and highly caffienated with a jumpy leakly fountain pen for added effect! So load up a stack of wax on the turntable and head on over to the Vend-O-Matic for some tasty licks.

One Shiny New Diner Comin' Up! (10.6.07)

Many years ago as the Font Diner was just beginning to blossom, we got a very nice e-mail from a fellow who want to make us a REAL Font Diner. We were skeptical till we realized who it was, the one and only Jerry Berta! For those of you still scratchin' your head, Jerry for many years owned and ran Rosie's Diner, famous as the diner featured in these great commercials of the 70s.

Well, it didn't take us long to say 'Yes!' to Jerry and boy were we thrilled to see what he came up with! We ripped open the package and saw the prettiest sight we'd ever seen! It was our diner complete with pincushion stainless steel and red stools! So stop by and say 'Hi!' to Jerry, you'll be glad you did!

Font Diner INKED! (9.25.07)

A few years ago, we were contacted by our friend and uber talented designer Gail Anderson of the NYC design firm SpotCo! Turns out she was writing a book with Steven Heller, noted author and graphic design authority about the re-introduction of retro typography in the modern designers palette! Needless to say we were thrilled to participate and even more excited about our contribution to this book. It's called New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts for the Digital Age and we're sure you're gonna love it! See how many of our fonts you can spot on the cover!

Chillin' Out With the Wild Bunch! (8.14.07)

Keeping cool in the Summer heat is one thing but if you want to be REALLY cool, snatch yourself a box of these beauties! That's right kiddo's, our friends from Popsicle thought to themselves, just how can we make our Posicles EVEN cooler? BAM! Some sweet fonts from the Font Diner will do the trick! And now you can hang with the Wild Bunch featuring our very own Motel King font from the County Fair Picnic Font Set!

Check Out Our Fancy New Duds! (7.25.07)

We dusted off our copy of Photoshop and set to work months ago on our most intensive update yet, our site! After almost a year in progress and buckets of coffee, we're pleased to unveil the new and improved Font Diner website! Over the coming months we'll be slowly transitioning one section at a time and each will be enhanced with even more of what you love about the Font Diner so keep your eyes peeled and tell all your friends you spied it first!

It's Rickles! (6.22.07)

Like a little brother tuggin' at your pant leg for another yummy chocolate chip cookie, this playful script will melt your heart with sugar sweet swirly frosted fun! Head to the Vend-O-Matic and get your own Rickles today!

What is a Filmotype? (5.17.07)

Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s) and it used 2-inch filmstrips with over 500 amazing display alphabets so the user could set headlines on photo paper or film. Filmotype eventually went on to become Alphatype until the Mac came along in 1984 and POOF! No more photo typesetting!

After two years of exhaustive research, the Font Diner has acquired this amazing photo film alphabet collection and will begin digitizing and releasing these wonderful gems of 1950s lettering as digital fonts in the coming months! Want to be the first kid on your block to get your hands on these beauties? Head to the Filmotype website and sign up to be notified when the new goods are released!

Get a Monkey on Your Back! (4.14.07)

A Marker Monkey! The new playful swingin' font from the Brain Eaters Font Company! While on an Amazon jungle safari, Brain Eater Brad Nelson was mysteriously hit on the head by a bunch of flying bananas. When he came to, a note lay next to his achin' head that read - 'Make More Free Fonts' and it was signed '* The Monkey King' - Well, it didn't take long before Brad got to work on this new fun free font and we're pleased to bring it to you! Head to the Vend-O-Matic and get your paws on Marker Monkey!

You're Invited! (3.4.07)

The Font Diner is pleased to announce in partnership with Mister Retro, the Snappy Hour Invitation Kit! This kit features over 220 EPS Vector Illustrations, Four Swanky Retro Fonts, and a 96 image Dingbat Font perfect for creating themed invitations for 8 different occasions from Cocktail Parties to Luaus.

The Font Diner collaborated with artist Derek Yaniger to create the perfect combination of fonts and artwork you can combine to create a ton of great invitations for almost any occasion! You'll notice in addition to some old favorites, we've created a new weight of our popular Creaky fonts and a new Singlesville Script re-drawn from the ground up and ONLY available as part of this collection! What are your wainting for. . . An invitation?

Ten Years Ago (8.19.06)

The Font Diner made its debut on the Information Superhighway and we're aboslutely humbled and delighted to be able to celebrate this milestone with you our wonderful diners! Thank you for your support and continued patronage!

Spring Tee Shirt Sale! (3.12.06)

With melting Winter snow comes warm Spring air and sunny Summer days close behind! Get a jump start on your Summer wardrobe with our genine Font Diner logo tees! For a limited time, you can get your hands on an original Font Diner tee for only $8 bucks but this sale won't last long! Get yours today!!!

BINGO! (1.19.06)

Line up your wild haired troll dolls, warm up yer inker, mark the 'FREE' space, and listen closely to the caller! From the twisted mind of Brain Eater Brad Nelson comes the latest Free Silverware Font BINGO STAR! This baby will leave you starry eyed and ready to rake in the simple joy that is BINGO! Don't wait, grab yerself a copy of this beauty while we verify the winning card . . .

Fleurons of Hope (1.8.06)

After last December's Indian Ocean Tsunami, a call went out to the font making community to join together to create a font to help raise donations to help the victims of this disaster rebuild their homes and their lives. This effort is called Font Aid and the Font Diner is honored to have participated in this effort.

Each font designer was asked to create a fleuron also known as a 'printers flower' and these fleruons or flowers would be made into a font for sale to raise money for this effort with all proceeds going to Direct Relief International. Click here to view and purchase this amazing font with over 400 fleurons from many of the biggest names in the industry and to help raise funds for this cause. While the tsunai news may not be in the headlines much anymore, now is when donations are needed the most . . .

DING! 5th Floor! Dresses! Men's Ware! Typefaces! (11.24.05)

Yes, the sights, the sounds, the charm of the department store! We love it and in homage we're delighted to bring our newest FREE font from the sales floor right to your computer! It's Featured Item! A spiffy new deco font!

Discovered at Timeless Treasures in San Francisco, this font was recreated from 2" tall pinback ceramic letters from a 1940s department store marquee. Carefully scanned in and redrawn with attention to detail, Featured Item is a remarkable time capsule of design we're happy to open for you! Take time to introduce all your friends to your favorite featured items with this deco style gem!

First Picked! (9.12.05)

Shortly after discovering our fonts had made their way to Hollywood, we were content with our brush with fame until the Ben Stiller comedy Dodgeball made its way into our hands! Featured in the opening credits of a vintage educational film from the 1950s starring Patches O' Houlihan, Mister Television and Milwaukee make their motion picture debuts! We're so proud of our boys!

Spider Sense Tingling? Must be the Fonts! (7.5.05)

The lights dimmed as we found ourselves packed into the movie theater to see the smashing sequel to Spiderman, last Summer's blockbuster movie. Fingers dripping with popcorn butter, watching intently, we almost choked on our popcorn as our Font Diner fonts flashed across the big screen!

Remember this exciting scene where our boy Peter Parker heads to the coin laundromat to wash and dry his duds? Keep a keen eye out for Hamburger Menu font! And who can forget the exciting run-away elevated train headed for the end of the line? We can see how many 'MPH' they were going in our bold Lionel Classic font! Wait till we tell Mary Jane!

Hot Dog! (6.18.05)

This Summer, our friends at Oscar Mayer wanted you to win a chance to drive the Weinermobile for a day! If that doesn't cut the mustard for ya, we're taking a moment to relish in the opportunity to let you know that Oscar Mayer selected our spiffy Stovetop font to let the world know all about their contest on packages of hot dogs as well as on TV and online . . .

2,000,000 Thanks (2.12.05)

Since our launch in 1996, we set out to make the highest quality retro fonts available! In less than 10 years, we're pleased to announce over 2,000,000 unique visitors have enjoyed a visit to our little place on the web! Thank you diners for your continued support!

Holiday Gift Packs are back! (12.02.04)

With the winter holidays just around the corner, we wanted to make sure you had the perfect gift for every person on your gift list so we headed to our North Pole winter workshop and put our best elfs on the case . .

Weeks later they emerged from the workshop with an amazing idea! Combine the best retro fonts in the world with the most amazing retro clip art ever created and you've got yourself one serious gift pack! We loved it and guarantee you will too! Check it out!

Each Official Font Diner Holiday Gift Pack comes with:

* One Font Diner Font Set of Your Choice on CD
* Mister Retro's Snappy Hour Vector Image Collection on CDView
* FREE Sparkly Holiday Giftwrap
* FREE Personalized or Blank Gift Tag
* Have it Mailed NOW or on December 20th

Anybody who's ordered from us before can tell you what amazing savings this is! A $75 Value for only $55! Order now and Save Big $$$ Get one for yourself and everybody on your holiday list!

BOO! I mean BOoOoOooooooo! (for real) (10.6.04)

That's right kiddies, it's Spook-O-Rama time at the Font Diner! So grab your plastic pumpkin head buckets and tighten the elastic on your superhero mask! This year we filled the candy cauldron to the brim with oodles of sweet tooth rotting treats!

How bout some new FREE fonts for the old CPU? That's right, this year we've got TWO handfuls of fonty goodness! Check out Xerker by the Brain Eaters. This baby packs a powerful punch with it's high voltage feel and shocking expressiveness.

Shall we turn it up another notch? . . . Going to 11 . . . .

Meet Creaky Frank! A playful horror font perfected by the Mad Scientist Professor Derek Yaniger. When we arrived at the labratories, all we found was broken shackles and a diary entry open to this page. . .

. . . This horrifying new Halloween typeface was given life in the dark recesses of my basement laboratory after hours of sleepless experimentation.By the light of the full moon, I collected the cadavers of old decaying fonts from their final resting place. I then dissected each one and crudely stitched them back together creating a twisted macabre monstrosity! Rusty chains pulled my lifeless creation toward the black sky aboard a rickety wooden plank, I threw the first switch! The electrical storm raging overhead provided the jolt needed to spark life into my unholy little monsters! I threw the second switch! 10,000 volts of lightning-charged energy coarsed through each and every character! At first I thought the experiment a complete failure until suddenly I saw the slow, sporadic wiggle of the serifs and the nervous quiver of the ascenders and descenders!! IT'S ALIVE I TELL YOU!!! IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!!

After hours of pounding the pavement on the hunt for Halloween treasure and your knuckles are bruised from pounding on suburban doors, kick back in front of the television with an extra spooky Halloween rental! The Brain has put together a great new list with light-hearted, fun soaked, blood soaked, or just plain dumb slasher films from the horror genre to enjoy while you fill your belly with candy!

Get Bahama Slim! (5.21.04)

Can't wait for Summer? Bust out your suntan oil and dive into a refreshing new FREE Silverware font for your computer! Bahama Slim is a low-carb tropical typeface with a side tasty conch shell salad! Just one bite and you'll dream of pink coral beaches and warm ocean spray. Get it here!

Our Newest Font Diner Employee (4.9.04)

The Font Diner is pleased to announce our newest face Hailey Autumn Sandler who joined us on a peacful afternoon on April, 9th 2004 at a whopping 7lbs. 5oz. We're very excited to bring her into the Font Diner family and look forward to sharing her news with our diners!

Save that Fruitcake for Grandma! (12.6.03)

Because this year you can delight your friends and loved ones with fabulous holiday gifts from the Font Diner!

Isn't it time to get Pop that swank new Font Diner Coffee Mug he's been hinting about? Wouldn't sis look great in her fancy new Font Diner Tee Shirt? Don't forget one for Aunt Edna too! And how bout old Uncle Jim? I bet a genuine Font Diner Font Set would really perk him up!

Each gift order comes with a festive gift card, you can personalize for that special somebody and don't worry about running it out at the last minute to the post office, we can do that for you in time for the holidays! Share the love this year and show off your great taste!

Pottery Diner? (11.4.03)

Recently we've received an outpouring of e-mail from our beloved diners from all over the country. Their keen eye's spotted our very own Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly font emblazened on two swanky new Pottery Barn items recently featured in their catalogs and online.

Check out the handsome illuminated cocktail sign and the set of four cocktail bar towels both gleaming with the word "Cocktails" wrapped in sparkles and ready to sit handsomly on your bar.

Chillin' with Shortz! (8.12.03)

The famous Shasta soda company recently release a line of tasty lil' beverages called Shasta Shortz. Theze mini delights come in six delicious flavors and are all dressed up in our very own Font Diner fonts! Check it out dudes!

Happy Birthday Fontdinerdotcom Fonts! (10.22.03)

Guess who just turned five? You guessed it, the Fontdinerdotcom and Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly fonts! Originally created in 1998, they have gone on to become one of our most popular font families!

For this big birthday event we gave 'em a good scrubbing and have redrawn them from the ground up complete with loads of design and technical updates! Head on over to the Vend-O-Matic and share in the celebration!

Genuine Font Diner Tees! (10.22.03)

We wanted to bring you the coolest tees we could think of with that genuine retro look so we traveled back to 1956 and printed up our signature Font Diner logo tees and locked them in storage to age like fine wine till they were ready.

Now, we're pleased and delighted to offer them to you! They come in two swell designs and colors, classic red and heather grey. They are printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees and feel comfy as a sofa. Get one in each color and look swank twice a week! See 'em here!

Boo Yah! (10.12.03)

That's right kiddos, it's time again to celebrate the sooper spooky month of October with the annual Font Diner Spook-O-Rama! We're extra excited to bring you all sorts of new spooky things to enjoy!

The Brain Eater's Mother is so covered in ink his own brother doesn't even recognize her! In the spirit and style of her ubiquitous ink, the Brain Eaters bring you a nifty-cool tattoo typeface ready to be drilled into your personal flesh canvas. Get yours at the Vend-O-Matic.

Short on time? Need a sweet costume? Never fear! You can now enjoy our first ever official Halloween masks! It's easy, just download and print out our famous Font Diner Chef or the Ghastly Brain Eaters Ghoul and get ready to scare the hell out of the neighbors. All you need is a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader and you're ready to go! Get masked up and get your trick on!

And finally for those of you who missed it last year, we asked the king of 'B-Movie' horror flicks, our own Brain Eater Brad Nelson to hand pick the most gory, gruesome, and frightening movies to tickle your brain cells late one evening. So head out to your local video store and enjoy Ten Spooky Movies!

Our Catalog Has Finally Arrived! (6.14.03)

Almost daily we receive an e-mail from one of our diners asking us if we have a catalog for our growing collection of over 70 fonts. Well my friends, the wait is over!

The Font Diner has come together with some of the best independent font foundries in the industry to bring you Indie-Fonts the ultimate collection of font specimen showings bound in a gorgeous hardback book featuring our entire body of work. Now when you're bored at the office, you can thumb through this amazing book and drool over each and every letter of our fonts!

The Font Diner has only a limited supply of these babies so we're offering them to you at a discounted price of $40! With each book you'll get a sweet CD chock full of great fonts from over 18 foundries plus a personal autograph on your book compliments of us! Order online now!

Shiney New Windows! (5.9.03)

For many years now, our faithful Windows using Diners have been patiently waiting for us to release our genuine Font Diner fonts in a Windows Postscript format. Well my friends, wait no longer! The Font Diner is pleased to announce the newest version of our fonts have been released! Now all our Windows friends can get every font we offer in their own Postscript format, get yours today!

PsychTest a Winner! (5.9.03)

Remember back in school when the dreaded phrase was spoken "There's going to be a test tommorow" and everyone paniced? Well times have changedNow when you hear the words "PsychTest", you can think happy thoughts. Brain Eaters has biomolecularly developed a typeface proven to calm panic laiden test takers.

Tests for this typeface were performed on test subjects both willing and placebo. . . While the research at this time, (99% fail rate) is inconclusive, you'll have to see if PsychTest works for you!

RamsesFuad Rises! (4.8.03)

Electrophotasmatically replicated from the "Demon Tomb of the Blood Feast" at night even! This "Type of the Nile" is rendered in the old ways, the ways of the left hand path, and the ways of the Queen Ishtar! Check out this ancient reawakening!

Will you be our Valentine? (blush) (2.12.03)

We ran home from school last week and grabbed dad's old shoebox, a pack of construction paper, some Elmer's glue, some lefty scissors and a roll of clear tape! We set off to work under the protective darkness of the wintery sky and emerged with the biggest valentine we could muster!

Celebrate this year with a special Velntine's Day gift from us to you, our TWO new FREE Silverware fonts Fontdinerdotcom Huggable and Fontdinerdotcom Luvable SWAK!

Celebrate your New Year with Lobby the Lobster! (1.8.03)

While some folks enjoy a new years meal of surf and turf or black-eyed peas, to start this year right Brain Eater Brad Nelson has decided to share lobster with you! The mascot of Brain Eaters head seafood masticator Lobby "the Hothead" Lobster inspired a new hot headed typeface for your mastication. Grab this newest FREE tasty morsel and don't forget the cocktail sauce!

A Special Treat Just for You - Leftovers! (1.3.03)

It's The only thing that hangs around longer than the holidays! And now they can linger on your computer throughout the year! A special gift served warmly from our hearts, refrigerated, and served luke warmly again for you to enjoy over and over and over! Grab our newest FREE font, a little crunchy, a little soggy, always tasty!

The Holiday Gift Pack is Back! - SOLD OUT! (11.12.02)

No more running around trying to buy the perfect holiday gift, we've taken care of it for you! If you missed last years Holiday Gift Pack, you sure don't want to miss it this year, it's jam packed with tons of retro goodness to share with the retro guy or gal in your life!

For only $26, the Font Diner Holiday Gift Pack comes complete with over 10 Amazing Font Diner fonts (Mac & PC) handpicked from our complete library of great retro font sets! Want more? Well, this year we've raised the Holiday Gift Pack to a new dimension, literally!the third dimension!

We tracked down one of our all-time favorite 3D movies on DVD, 1980's famous theater hit "Comin' At Ya!" set in the old west and chock full of great 3D fun! Don't have any 3D glasses you say? No problem, our Holiday Gift Pack comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses to watch with a friend! And when when the DVD player is cooling off, you can install our super-cool 3D Retro Desktop Wallpapers on your Mac or PC for some more eye-poppin' fun!

Don't worry about running to the post office at the last minute, we've got that taken care of and we'll send it out in time direct to the recipent! Last year these sold out the first week, so don't wait! We only have a limited quantity of our Holiday Gift Packs, and once they're gone, they're gone! Also, customize your Holiday Gift Pack with a personalized Theatre Ticket Greeting Card to add that special touch! We know they'll love it! Get yours today!

Like a fistful of Candy Corns! (10.6.02)

Get yer teeth ready for pockets of sugary sweet cavity filled goodness because this years Spook-O-Rama is well underway and sweeter than ever this year with two great new FREE fonts (for a limited time only) AND Brain Eater Brad Nelson comes back from the grave to give us his top 10 list of the spookiest flicks of all time for your Halloween pleasure!

12,000 miles deep in outer space terror has a new nameSpacearellaThe Queen of Deep Space! She's the cosmically spookified font formed by alien cargo after it took over the spaceship and unleashed gallons of poisonous Tang and consuming the minds of its crew FIRST!!! (Creepy eh?) See for yourself!

A little closer to Earth nearing Halloween's eve, the thick evening fog fills your lungs as the moon so terrified hides behind its own shadow on a Halloween night so scary it can only be called Black NightFrom the darkness our playfully ghastly FREE font is waiting for you! And whatever you do, don't forget a flashlight!

And finally, we wanted to bring you an extra special little Halloween treat so we asked the king of 'B-Movie' horror flicks, our own Brain Eater Brad Nelson to pick the most gory, gruesome, and frightening movies to tickle your brain cells late one evening. You don't know fear my friends until you've seen THIS! (Pretty dramatic eh?)

Just Launched! (8.12.02)

Houston, we have a font! I repeat, we have a font! Blasting at you from out of this world is our extra speedy new retro script font Rocket Script! Like a classic automotive emblem supercharged with two boosters of nitrogen, this font is out of this world! So, grab a glass of Tang, launch on over to the Vend-O-Matic, and get your Rocket Script!

Movie Mania hits the Casino (8.12.02)

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon just heading down the street to the local Wendy's for some lunch when something caught our eye. From a distance, we couldn't quite make it out but as we drew closer we knew something looked familiar. We went inside and almost fell over with excitement as there in front of us it was staring back at us from the backlit menu!

Yes, Wendy's and Blockbuster Video have teamed up to bring you Movie Mania! But more than that, they've brought you from our Casino Buffet Font Set Mister Television and Hamburger Menu on every box of Chicken Nuggets! Nothing could make us prouder than to see our fonts used in another fine dining establishment! Check it out!

Our Newest Font Diner Employee! (7.24.02)

The Font Diner is pleased to announce our newest face Jackson Thomas Sandler who joined us in the wee hours on July, 24th 2002 at a whopping 7lbs. even. We're very excited to bring him into the Font Diner family and look forward to many great things from him!

Hot Enough For Ya? (7.16.02)

Is that sizzlin' summer heat blazin' down your front door? Do the ice cubes in your iced tea melt before you get to the patio? Can you grill a bratwurst on your kitchen floor? Don't spend another second wiping the sweat from your brow!

Get ready to cool off with your very own Air Conditioner! We couldn't bear the thought of letting you go through another hot steamy summer day without one, so head on over to the Vend-O-Matic and take a few degrees off your thermostat while you download our newest FREE font!

Big Top Fun! (7.8.02)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we invite you to see the most breathtaking spectacle never seen by human eyes before! See!!! Live!!! Animals, Acrobats and Clowns!!! Get your Popcorn, Peanuts . . . It's time to get Circusized!

The Brain Eaters Font Co. is pleased to offer its newest circus happy font Circusized! Like a car full of clowns, it's jam packed with a playful assortment of zany characters in both solid and outline shapes. See it now! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!

Not Your Typical Family (6.6.02)

About 4 months ago, the e-mails started pouring in, they all went something like this . . .

Did you see that new MTV show? The Osbournes? It's totally hilarious! I love the opening credits! Isn't that your font? It looks great!

We did see it, and we laughed our heads off! We were also extremely honored that the folks from MTV picked our very own Fontdinerdotcom Loungy and Fontdinerdotcom as the official Osbournes font! The show has grown into MTVs most successful show to date and is sweeping the nation.

Some think it's Ozzy's hijinx or dysfunctional family that makes it so entertaining, but we all know you tune in each week to see the fonts!!! See our stars in action and view the opening credits here!

Coffee's Best Friend (3.14.02)

You've selected the perfect beans, ground them just enough to unleash the full roasted flavor. After years of practice, you've perfected the water to coffee ground ratio, and just before you enjoy a sip, you pour it into a paper cup?!?

Not any more! We're pleased to offer you our genuine Font Diner Coffee Mug! Give your lips a hug and supercharge your creative juices as you enjoy a full 12 oz. of your favorite hot beverage certified with our official Font Diner seal. It's guaranteed to make any hot beverage 100% tastier and sure to put a smile on your face! Get yours today!

Need a little more Las Vegas? (2.16.02)

Created to accompany our newest font set, Iconfactory designer Kate England has created some of the most amazing Las Vegas icons we've ever seen! Download these great new icons for your Macintosh or Windows machine. And while you're at it, make sure to stop by and visit our friends at the Iconfactory to let them know what you think of these great icons.

Does mommie's shnookie wookie wanna fontie wontie? (2.6.02)

How could we let Valentines Day come and go without sharing a little love with all of our diners! This Valentines Day, we wanted to give each and every one of you a special little valentine (Just like in elementary school!). So, head to the Vend-O-Matic and enjoy some freshly baked with love from the Font Diner with our new FREE font Schnookums and keep your eyes out for Cupid's arrow.

Fancy a SHAG?!? (2.6.02)

From the swingin' clubs of Las Vegas to the coffee houses of Manhattan, his work has been displayed all over the world and we think it's the coolest stuff we've ever seen! If you hadn't guessed who we're talking about yet, it can only be one man. You guessed itSHAG!

Known for his amazing paintings of tikis, cocktail lounges, and all that is kitsch, SHAG has chosen our Font Diner fonts to complement his swingin' work and we wanted to share it with you. SHAG uses the Swinger! font primarily in his recent work including his latest Gallery Showing, A book of his work, A hip recipe book, and his website. Take a look, we know you'll enjoy it!

Drop Anchor in the Sea of Love! (1.18.02)

Our friends at Old Navy recently unveiled some precious new Valentines Day gifts featuring our very own fonts! There's still time to get your hands on 'em but you gotta act quick! Check 'em out here!

Atomic Ad! (1.18.02)

If you've recently checked out our favorite retro magazine Atomic, you may have noticed something exciting! Take a look at our very first magazine ad. We're very proud of it and we thank the folks at Atomic for making such a swank magazine! If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy yet, visit their site to find out where you can get it!

HOW did we rate? (1.18.02)

How Magazine recently featured the Font Diner in their "Type: What's new for 2002" article! We were excited to be featured among so many established and reputable type foundries and were one of the few independent foundries to be featured. Take a look at what HOW magazine had to say about us.

WOW! That IS Fast! (1.15.02)

The Font Diner is pleased to introduce Rocket Shipping! We've gathered the leading scientists from all over the country and put them to work in our secret underground laboratory. Their mission was to create the fastest, easiest method of getting our fonts into the hands of our diners.

Not only were we shocked, we were AMAZED! And now, we bring this state-of-the-art technology to you! With our new multi-stage Font Diner Rocket Shipping ordering system, you can order and download your fonts immediately! It's so fast, we advise you stay seated while using it! Check it out!

Little Miss Muffet Has a New Friend! (10.20.01)

If you're ever out walking late at night and you feel a tickle on your neck, it just may be the piercing fangs of a giant Black Widow spider! Widely known for its deadly bite and the telltale red hourglass on its belly reminding you how much time you have left to live before you are overcome with its venomous poison.

Head to the Vend-O-Matic and download this spooktacularly scary font and share it with your friends!

The Future Has Landed (11.10.01)

Our friends at Havana Street have recently released an amazing new collection of great retro clip art called Futurematic. Inspired by 1940s era visions of the future, you're gonna love 'em! Hover on over and check it out!

Font Aid II (10.02.01)

The Font Diner is proud to have participated in the Font Aid II project and we need your help. This effort serves to raise funds for the Red Cross by joining the efforts of type designers around the globe who've come together to create a font.

Please visit and read all about the September Eleven font. Please donate what you can to receive this font. Your entire donation will go directly to the Red Cross. Also, we ask that you spread the word about this effort so we may continue to raise funds and awareness for this project.

BAM! (8.12.01)

- That's right, if its time to kick the cooking up a notch and blast your pasta with 6 more cloves of garlic, there's only only one guy who can do it for you, Emeril Lagasse. The same way this renowned chef hand selects all the freshest ingredients for his recipes, he also has an eye for our Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly fontCheck it out!

How much do you LOVE our fonts? (11.30.01)

Enough to get a tattoo with em? One of our diners told us . . . "I have always been into retro things and when I decided to get a tattoo of my daughter's name I did a web search on 'retro fonts' and found Font Diner's Kitchenette was the perfect font." Well, seeing is believing. See for yourself!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Pack! (11.30.01)

SOLD OUT! But look for it to return next year. In the meantime, take a look at what it came with . . .

This amazing gift pack comes complete with: 10 great Font Diner fonts (Mac & PC), a Genuine Font Diner Hi-Ball Glass, Hi-Fi's and Hi-Balls retro design book, Genuine 3-D Glasses, Sparkly Swizzle Sticks, Cool Retro Desktop Wallpapers (Mac & PC), and a swell aluminum bag chock full of plastic retro trinkets all for only $26!!! (international shipping additional)

Too good to be true you say? Well, take a look at our Gift Pack! Customize your gift pack with a personalized greeting card to add that personal touch, and sit back!

P.T. Barnum never had this in mind! (10.20.01)

There's nothing scarier on Halloween than the horror and evil that come by way of the circus clown! Don't let his bulbous red nose and wacky suspenders fool you . . . When the clock strikes midnight and your closet door slowly slides open, what's the last thing you want to see the moon light up?

You'll be scared Witless! A great new free font from the Brain Eaters Font Company. Inspired by the big top, this playful font is chockful of ghastly goodness. Grab a copy for yourself at the Vend-O-Matic!

Like Jason, it just keeps coming back! (10.19.01)

Greetings boys and ghouls (that joke just never gets old. . .) Velcome to zee third annual Font Diner Spook-O-Rama! Veer so pleased to have you for dinner, I mean at zee Diner! We invite you to stay as long as you wish, or until you realize it's too late to escape! (organ music; creepy laughter. . .)

While you still have time, head to the Spook-O-Matic and download our spooktacularly scary fonts and share 'em with your friends! Happy Halloween from the Font Diner!

That's Not Great; That's Super! (8.12.01)

It's bigger, fatter, chubbier and more explosive than ever! It's decked out with cool highlights like chrome on a '57 Bel Air. It's got 5 speeds. It's revved up to 8,000 RPM and it's loaded with personality.

It's new from Brain Eater Brad Nelson, and it's headed straight for your computer! If you think it sounds good now, you'll be the first to say Thats SuperThe newest FREE Silverware font. Head to the Vend-O-Matic and get yer red-hot hands on it!

A Tall Tale (7.24.01)

One evenin' by the light of the wagon train campfire we was fixin' to get us some grub. So we set out that fateful evening, tired, cold, and real thirsty! In the sky dancing around the Northern Lights we could see a red star so bright it lit up the heavens.

We followed its beam of light for miles. When it landed, a place appeared like an oasis in the deserta Lone Star Steak house! Steak, taters, beans, but first we needed to quench our thirst! That's when it all made sense! Staring back at us was our own Taylors font from the Doggie Bag Font Set! Take a look and see for yourself!

What are you wearing this Summer? (7.16.01)

It's gonna be a hot one and you can be the coolest cat on the beach, blacktop, or sidewalk with some new Summer duds! Not only do they look totally sweet, but you can name all the fonts! Check out what Old Navy has created with our very own Font Diner fonts!

Recently Spotted (7.16.01)

Over the last few months, our fonts have been seen in TV commercials for Cingular wireless (a defective vibrating bed) and Secret Solid for women (3 new scents). If you should happen to record one of them, let us know and we'll reward you with a special gift!

Summer Road Trip!!! (6.24.01)

The car's packed up, we've gone to the bathroom, and we've got a full plastic container of sandwiches! Where are we headed you ask? Rochester, New York! We're proud to join some of the best type designers in the industry for an annual event called Typecon.

We've been invited to speak and moderate some panels. Typecon runs through the weekend of July 13-15 so there is still time to make your reservations! Also, make sure to say howdy! We'd be glad to buy you a cup of coffee and get to know you! We're looking forward to meeting you there!

He's at it Again! (6.15.01)

This month, Brain Eater Brad Nelson serves up a double heapin' helping of Brain Eatin' free font goodness!

From the moldy swamps of Kentucky to the backyard bayous of Louisiana, its time for some Decaying Kuntry! This is the one mother warned you about! It's the smelly cousin to the Brain Eaters Kuntry font family and it's a wonderful addition to your computer if the other fonts can stand it!

And while you're busy pickin' the Kuntry crud out of yer shoes, don't break a fingernail. Instead, get yourself a Pick Ax and start choppin! Use Pick Ax to make a point in any sentence you write! Mine for gold! Pick yer teeth, but never pick your toes! Pick 'em up at the Vend-O-Matic!

Springtime is almost here!Free Musicals! (3.6.01)

The Brain Eaters Font Company is pleased to present to you the new FREE font Musicals! It's a new cute and curly font chock full of energy and singing with glee! And as Brain Eater Brad says; "Nobody likes musicals, but everybody will love Musicals?!?" Head to the Vend-O-Matic and enjoy your Musicals!

Retro Clip Art? Head to Havana Street! (1.15.01)

We regularly receive e-mails from our diners asking us where they can find some great retro clip art to go with their new Font Diner fonts. We wanted to find original clip art, not that overused stuff from old magazines, but expertly drawn, carefully vectorized beautiful clip art that applies to modern concepts!

Much to our delight, we discovered Havana Street! Home of the world's greatest original 1940's style clip art! So excited were we to find them, we bought up all the clip art right away! But, we didn't stop thereAll that great clip art needed a great home, so we worked with the Havana Guys to craft one of the most amazing retro websites on the internet!

With over 1,400 amazing clip art images, Havana Street is the king of all retro clip art! Check 'em out! You'll be glad you did!

Leggo My Font-O! (1.12.01)

- One wintery December evening, we were strolling through the grocery store when our eyes caught the frozen food section . . . Frozen Orange Juice . . . Toaster Omelettes . . . . Eggo . . . Eggo . . . Gasp . . . Chocolate Chip Eggos! Staring right back at me brilliantly was the Kentuckyfried Font from our Doggie Bag Font Set! It warmed us faster than a cup of hot cocoa! Try not to drool on your keyboard . . . Yum!

Ahoy Cap'n (12.21.00)

During the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we dropped anchor at our local Old Navy and picked up a treasure chest full of great Old Navy items emblazed with our very own fonts! Over 10 great holiday items and our really swell shirt! Come aboard and see for yourself!

1,000,000 Thanks! (9.15.00)

Since our humble beginnings in 1996, we had only one goal in mind, to create exciting retro display fonts for you to enjoy! We are pleased to announce over one million unique visitors!!! This could not have been accomplished without all of you. Thanks for spreading the word about the Font Diner and we look forward to serving our next million diners!

The Diner Takes The Show! (9.15.00)

Every Year, the Minneapolis advertising community gathers together to judge a collection of regional work. This year, the Font Diner was awarded a silver in the interactive category! To celebrate our success, for every font order we mail out, you will receive a Silver Sabre to proudly display as a keepsake! We've only got 100 of these babies, so don't delay! Order now!

Are You Ready for Halloween? (8.30.00)

Deep from the depths of our basement lurking in the darkness, they returned!!! Since their sudden disappearance, we've collected up our most creepy and terrifying fonts for Halloween!

These abominations of horror won't be around till next October. So when your stomach is strong enough, head on over to the Spook-O-Matic and collect your treats; that is, if you return ALIVE!!!!

It's the Coolest! (8.16.00)

The lights are low, the jazz is smooth, and the crowd is swingin'. Libation in one hand, the other one snappin' to the hi-fi rhythms of the coolest cats this side of Mellowsville!

From the depths of the couch cushions comes our swankiest free font yet! Head on over to the Vend-O-Matic and grab a copy for yourself!

Font-O-Vision Deluxxe! (7.24.00)

Throw away those coathangers and tinfoil, The Font Diner is pleased to present our latest FREE Silverware font Channel Tuning. Channel Tuning is achieved by adjusting your knobs and antenna correctly, but all you need to do is head to the Vend-O-Matic!

Looking Good! (3.10.00)

After months of scrubbing, cleaning, and tweaking, we're pleased to present to you our updated look! We're updating the site one page at a time, so check back often as there will be plenty more updates and news coming very soon.

Hey Daddio! (2.05.00)

Can't get enough of that Font Diner online? How about on the air? NBC has your cure! We were pleased to see Fontdinerdotcom as the title font for NBC's newest sitcom Daddio! A wholesome American story of a stay-at-home dad taking care of the family. If you can't wait till next Fall, find out more here!

The Font Diner Exclusive Interview! (1.04.00)

Recently, we were interviewed by Jami of the True Type Resource, a great site for all font lovers. Read all about how the Font Diner was created, our inspiration, our favorite TV family, and how the Brain Eaters Font Company became part of the Diner. There's tons of great info, plus some top secret Font Diner news. Check it out!

Go-Go Gadget Font! (9.10.99)

With the release of the Inspector Gadget movie last Summer, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that our very own Lionel Classic font from the Brown Bag font set can be seen all over the Gadgetmobile dashboard! There is even a scene in which the Inspector launches the Gadgetmobile into Hyperdrive! You can clearly see our font on the buttons! Check it out!

Hi-Balls are here! (6.15.99)

Font Diner Hi-Ball glasses are here! Be the hippest swingin' cat on your block to be the first to own the coolest new addition to your pad! 12oz. Hi-Ball glasses silk screened with our genuine Font Diner logo and wrapped in white sparkles!

Get a set of 4 glasses shipped right to your door! They make a great gift for any retro fan so don't be ashamed to get one for you and one for a friend! At only $25 a set, these glasses won't last long so order now!

Become a Fontdiner! (6.14.99)

Recently we received a letter from one of our diners:

". . . Any chance of receiving news via e-mail from you guys? Would love to be kept up to date with what you create."

Your wish is our command! . . . Become a Fontdiner! We've recently set up a special list you can join to receive an e-mail every time we update the site, release new fonts, or find out about great Font Diner special offers!

Simply fill out your e-mail address in the box on the home page to sign-up! Nobody likes SPAM (other than Hormel of course) At any time if you wish to be removed from the list, no problem! Every e-mail we send you comes with a link for you if you wish to be removed from the e-mail list.

Groovy baby! Yeah! (6.12.99)

In celebration of the most groovy sequel to hit the big screen, head to the Vend-O-Matic and download the font Action is FREE! from the Vend-O-Matic! Hey Mac users! If you haven't downloaded them yet, grab the Austin Powers Icon Collection from the Iconfactory! Guaranteed to make you Randy!

Sometimes you feel like a nut! (5.20.99)

Late one evening last week, we received a phone call from one of our diners, it went something like this . . .

FD: Hello?
Diner: DUDE! Did you see it?
FD: See what?
Diner: The font! In that commercial! C'mon Man!
FD: What are you talking about?
Diner: I was watchin' TV and I saw your font in the end credits of a commercial for Mounds candy bars!

After further investigation, it was true! I saw it with my own eyes! The screen starts out grey with a black and white cartoon of a small boy on a train, the flatcar gets loaded with 2 coconut mounds, and runs underneath a water tower coating the mounds with a stream of chocolate.

As twinkly classic music fills the speakers, the animation ends and up comes the closing frame that says "Take a 5 minute Vacation" in the font Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly! See it for yourself!

Our new diner! (4.20.99)

. . . One night it came in a dream! A shiny beautiful new diner with purple neon and a flashing red neon sign! Without haste, pouring myself into its creation, toiling for hours it seems . . . Then, finally, when the dust had settled, there it was in all its glory. It brought a tear . . . our new diner! You may want to take a deep breath!

Grains of fun! (1.27.99)

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! SOUVENIRS! Our gift to you from south of the border.

Destination Mazatlan! (1.27.99)

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! Come explore with us as we explore Ole' Mexico! But don't take our word for it!

Brain Eatin' Fun! (9.20.98)

Mr. Eaters recently spotted a beautiful piece of ghetto art painted on the side of the Hobo Express he was jumping. It's the world famous Brain Eaters Ghoul rendered in full color on a traveling canvas. See and download a copy of the Ghetto Ghoul. Print it out and have it mounted above your bed. It'll add a little ghoulishness to your sanctuary.

Recently Publish(ed) (9.5.98)

Publish Magazine contacted us several months ago to inquire if we'd be interested in being part of industry's most comprehensive guide to font foundries in the world! This month in the October 1998 issue of Publish Magazine, the Font Diner is proud to be featured in Publish Magazines 1998 Directory Of Type Foundries.

This marks the fifth annual directory for Publish and our first showing. We look forward to being a part of this list for many years to come! See our listing as it appeared in Publish Magazine! or at Publish Online.

State Fair Madness (8.20.98)

Cheese on a stick! Pickle on a stick! Pronto Pup on a stick! Corn on a stick! Font on a stick?

Addy gold is ours!!! (7.11.98)

It's the sweetest gold one can ever hope to possess! A genuine Milwaukee Addy! Get one for yourself!

The Brain speaks again! (6.2.98)

Ever wonder what an average day in the life of a Brain Eater is? Find out if you've got the stomach!

Save big $$$ on both font sets! (5.15.98)

You asked for it, and now you got it! When you order the original Doggie Bag font set and our newest Brown Bag font set together, save big bucks! Get both sets for only $50!!!!!!! Order online now for fastest delivery!

They love us! (4.1.98)

The Font Diner is proud to be the Featured Font Foundry of the month at our new friend Carlos' site I got an e-mail one day from Carlos asking if we'd be interested to be part of the Artistica family. I took a look at Carlos' site and immediately said YES! Artistica is a great reference for anyone who wants to be a better designer and is an excellent resource for good design.

The Brain speaks! (3.20.98)

Find out how the Brain Eaters Font Company got its name! Read all about it!

Check out our new location! (2.15.98)

Hi Happy Diners! Well, it's time to pack it in and head along down the dusty trail :( No, we're not leaving our faithful diners to go hungry! We're moving!!!!!!!!! Where? When? How? Why?

Well, I'll make it brief. WhereMinneapolis, Minnesota. WhenAlready here for a month. HowGreat new gig! WhyMilwaukee will always hold a warm place in our heart, but Minneapolis holds an amazing new challenge for us! Although we're in relocation mode, look for our URL to stay the same for now but keep checking back at least monthly, as our URL will be changing within the next few months.

Online order!... What's next? (1.17.98)

Now that we're able to process your orders online, I suppose you're saying to yourself; Self . . . What else is there to look forward to? We always aim to please. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come . . .

Vote for your favorite T-shirt design. The winner will be printed for your consumption. What would the Super Bowl be without Beer Dip? I don't even want to think about it! But you can surprise your friends with this easy Supertastylicious recipe. Look for it soon as well as more new link button designs to put on your site and impress your friends.

So new? (1.15.98)

Welcome to Stu's Font Diner! We've recently redesigned our happy home for the new year. Spend a tender moment with us! And as always, Enjoy!

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