#1 Psychomania (1971) - Buy it Here!
"The Living Dead" is the name of a biker gang of British tough guys (fantasy genre?). They wreak havoc on the town, and generally try to act cool while causing problems (like most tough guy bikers). George Sanders stars as an evil Satan worshiping butler (how cliche'). The lady he works for has a son named Tom, and he's the leader of the Living Dead motorbike gang. OK, so this gang all make a pact with Satan to return from the dead. One at a time the bikers commit suicide, then come back to life. The dead bikers all meet up at a evil place called "The Seven Witches", a place with seven rocks that were supposedly witches. Tom blasts from his grave on his motorbike! Unfortunately for the bikers, when you make deals with Beezelbub you always end up on the losing end of shifter stick.
#2 The Wizard of Gore (1970) - Buy it Here!
Hershall Gordon Lewis is at his best in both story & gorey, since HGL created the gore genre, that says a pile. WOG has a strange metaphysical, existential-esque story line. Whatever the hell that matters, since the acting is mediocre, and the effects are very gory yet laughable by today's standards. The story is about Montag the Magnificent, a magician whose stage act is cheesy magic tricks, and the horrific mutiliation of a girl from the audience!!! The illusions consist of sawing women in half, driving spikes into their heads, and making them swallow swords. The tricks seem fake until the volunteers turn up later, dead in the same way. An annoying talk show hostess and her dumb ass sports reporter boyfriend try to figure out Montag's diabolical plot. Well worth watching, especially if you love gore!!!
#3 Demon Seed (1977) - Buy it Here!
Just when you thought it was safe to have sex with your computer, the computer in Demon Seed wants to put some silicone sex in you! Scientist Dr. Harris creates a SUPER COMPUTER named Proteus IV which tries to impregnates a hu-man woman, so it can aquire a hu-man form. Julie "Babe" Christie is the object of the posotronic brains desire. Proteus IV surfs the internet 1977 style, over to do some lovin' at the Harris's residence and Julie isn't too thrilled at first, but finally thinks its cool. The story is pretty involved, and its a bit tired, but Christies' fine acting makes it a seed to remember.
#4 It's Alive (1974) - Buy it Here!
It was born three days ago. It has killed seven people. It's parents are human beings. Whatever it is, It's Alive! Director Larry Cohens "classic" early seventies horror flick has withstood the test of time. It's the ultimate 'Having my baby' tale. Obviously this ain't no ordinary little bundle of joy as it immediately slaughters everyone in the delivery room, except sweet ol' mom. Then little precious runs amok in the city killing & terrorizing. Bad pharmaceuticals are blamed for the creatures existence, but that doesn't mean mom can't still love the little it, even while dad and the law hunt the demon down. Performances are all pretty good especially from dad, and the puppet that plays the baby is really creepy. Like usual, Cohen uses a horror theme to deal with a serious issue, this time it's bad drugs. Nobody wants bad drugs, and certainly nobody wants a blood drinking, killer baby as a side effect!
#5 Maniac Cop (1988) - Buy it Here!
Good old Larry Cohen again (no relation to Barton Fink) wrote and produced (W.Lustig Directed) this "classy" tale about a craazzy cop! It's a simple story line, but with well described scenes, characters, and situations. The premise that drives the story is that a psycho, killer cop is nightly exterminating all of the city's criminals­Dirty Harry style. Meanwhile terrified citizens are shooting cops on sight! The cast in this flick is full of familiar looking B-movie faces (including the handsome Brucie "the Chin" Cambell), who all do a good job with Cohen's great dialogue. The budget is real low, so the effects are crap, plus the ending is a set-up for a sequel, but it's still a fine feature.
#6 Basket Case (1982) - Buy it Here!
Frank Henenlotter's classy classic tale of siamese twins is a cheap, cheesy, disgusting, and perfectly made horrorshow. The plot is a timed out story about revenge! Duane and his brother Belial want to wack the evil surgeons that forcibly separated the twins ten or so years earlier. They take up residence in a scumbag hotel, and proceed to eliminate the creepy doctors (one of the MD's is a Veterinarian) Everything's going just swell with the kill'in and all until Belial starts getting jealous. Ya see nobody wants to have love relations with a mutant freak, and Duane's been secretly dating a lovely receptionist. Belial ain't happy alone in the basket! An icky black comedy with a low budget, and a buttload of entertainment.
#7 Scanners (1986) - Buy it Here!
A evil/good International security corporation(?) is attacked by a evil'er person with super telekinetic powers called a "Scanner"! The evil/good corp. gets a "good" scanner (Stephen Lack) outta storage so to speak, to locate the bad man named Revok (Michael Ironsides). Revok's more than happy to revoke your brain or your life or everything. Revok is trying to organize all the scanners in an insidious plot to enslave the world!!! It turns out Revok is infrickingsane, when he was young he drilled a hole between his eyes to release the pressure of all the voices in his head, needless to say the self trepanation didn't work. The whole story is typical of the brilliant writer/director David Cronenberg. With a sci-fi/horror theme, he's tells of the evils of big corporations, greed blah, blah, blah... A mega-classic that needs to be shown to everybody with psychic powers, or simply just a psychic friend.
#8 Two Thousands Maniacs (1965) - Buy it Here!
Hershell Gordon Lewis again the creator of Wizard of Gore, Blood Feast etc. wrote and directed this Southern masterpiece. The town of Pleasant Valley is git'in ready to have it's revenge on them Northerners for wiping them all out during the Civil War. Six people are lured into thee city, and told they are the guests of honor for a big celebration they have every 100 years! The party begins, and there's plenty of southern hospitality for all! One guy gets barbequed, a good looking babe gets axed apart, and one fella gets crushed by a boulder in a strange way. The last guy to get whacked gets rolled down a hill in a barrel with spikes in it! Pretty cool man, I'm sure people looked away in revulsion when this little gorefest was first released, it's still real sick. As par for HG's course, lots of mediocre to bad acting, bright red blood, and a hillbilly band called the Pleasant Valley Boys playing banjo hits!
#9 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972) - Buy it Here!
Released in the wake of the Night of the Living Dead's success, this low budget horror/comedy was written and directed by the prolific Benjamin (Bob) Clark who later created such classics as Deranged, Popcorn, A Christmas Story (yep Darren McGavin) & every pre-pubescents favorite Porky's! The show begins as a small sail boat comes to the dock. Alan an eccentric, overbearing film director, leads a troupe of aspiring actors (they were in a state of aspirement doing this film as well) to this eerie secluded island. This Isle is supposedly an old haunted cemetery, holding "the refuse of humanity it is said". Armed with a book of the dead( God there are so many it's spooky) Alan orders his actors and actorettes to dig up a crypt, with the plan of bringing the dead back to Life with an occult incantation from the dreaded book. After digging up a corpse and naming it Orville they throw a drunken party in Orv's honor at the caretakers house. But only after humiliating the arrogant Alan after the dead don't awaken. Butofcourse the incantation works, and the buried dead are coming back to life! This show actually begins with some interesting moments, and the characters aren't all typical (You've got a stud, the fat joker, the paranoid girl, the flamers, the cocky girl, and the overly pompous leader) eventually though it all turns into a chew and grue fest, and ala NOTLD no one stays alive.
#10 Bloodsucking Freaks (1978) - Buy it Here!
The original title was "The Incredible Torture Show". Which is a most descriptive title, even though their is a dandy scene where a sick doctor sucks the blood from a victims brain through a straw. The story is about Sardu the magician, he has a torture & snuff show that he wants to become famous. But the critics laughs at him, and the talented ballerina thinks the show is sick. Luckily for all that is good and decent the football star boyfriend and a dirty cop are out to stop Sardu and his black midget assistant. Not only do they have a torture/death show, but also they're selling white chicks as slaves! This is a whacked out bloodfest with tons of goofy, gory scenes and kooky, twisted situations. Walk don't run to rent this master-piece. -Brian Eaters

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